Roger L. Simon

It's all propaganda...

You, me and everybody else – but especially the New York Times. American Thinker got the scoop on their latest absurdity.

It appears that the Times, once-upon-a-time regarded as the last word in reliability when it comes to checking before publishing (which makes them so much better than blogs, of course), has run a fake photo on the home page of its website. The photo has since been removed from the home page, but still can be seen here.

The photo that appeared on the NYT website is such an obvious fake it’s almost parody off the pages of the Onion. In their apparent zeal to make our forces look bad, they just couldn’t resist. Will that cause any introspection? I doubt it, because they have too much invested in their self-image (not to mention their audience). At least, however, they removed the offending object from their website, which is more than you can say for France 2, which never acknowledged this fake.