Roger L. Simon

Back to the Eighties at the LA Auto Show

lotus.jpgTaking Madeleine with me, I braved the crowds on Sunday for opening day of the LA Auto Show. I knew something was up when I saw parking in one of the lots was a record (to me) $30! (I managed to snark a discount spot for $20.) Inside, I had been expecting a lot of displays of new environmentally-friendly cars, hybrids, etc. (My neighborhood is full of Priuses which my friend David calls “Sanctimonies.”) There was some of that, but basically this auto show seemed to be a celebration of two hundred thousand dollar batmobiles of the Ferrari, Lamborghini, Spyder stripe as if everyone in the city were a zillionaire eighteen-year old. bugatti.jpg Well, we can dream, can’t we? I liked the Lotus above and this little Bugatti number to the left, though frankly if I had 200K of disposable income, I don’t think I’d blow it on a car.