Roger L. Simon

Dorian Greyhound: A Novel

Dorian.jpgMy wife Sheryl Longin’s first book – Dorian Greyhound: A Novel – has just been published by iBooks. (Sheryl is the author of several screenplays, among them Dick.) The novel is from the point of view of our – alas now deceased – greyhound Dorian and details his adventures from the race track, to adoption and beyond. Written in a canine, “Wildean” style, the book should obviously appeal to dog lovers. But it is more than that and you will excuse me for being an adoring husband in saying that it is a fine work of literature too – and quite a witty one.

Greyhounds, it turns out, are among the best universal blood donors for all dog breeds and part of the profits from Dorian are being donated to Hemopets – a nonprofit animal blood bank – that is working in association with iBooks on the publication of the book.

(The above link is Amazon. This is Barnes & Noble.)