Roger L. Simon

This is so high school

Kenton Kelly, a CPA from Ohio who used to post on this site as Dennis the Peasant, has turned his website into a non-stop assault on me, going so far as to make jokes about shooting my dog on another person’s site. He attacks me in a relentless and obscene manner. Mr. Kelly believes that somehow Charles Johnson and I have knifed him in the back in a business deal. He is indeed correct that we had several discussions with him and one meeting in Los Angeles. After that nothing substantive occurred. No contracts were ever signed. No investment was made. Nothing happened. Communications dwindled to zero. It was like the many preliminary business conversations that peter out before fruition in most of our lives, certainly in mine and probably in yours. Then Charles and I developed a different approach to the business. We found investment elsewhere and Mr. Kelly, when he heard about it, turned into an online stalker. He has threatened to sue me on several occasions. I invite him to go ahead and do it. I look forward to the contents of his website being read aloud in court.