Roger L. Simon

Who was Zarkawi's mother?

If it is true that Abu Musab al-Zarkawi is the instigator of the butchery in Amman, and it certainly seems to be, this young man is developing into one of history’s great psychopaths, right up there with Jack the Ripper and Gilles de Rais. This boy is one sick puppy. The Jordanian people have the right to be appalled.

ABC reports of the madman’s latest carnage: Significantly, the victims also included some two dozen Palestinians with roots in the West Bank. Among them were the West Bank’s intelligence chief, Maj. Gen. Bashir Nafeh, a diplomat and a prominent banker. Many Jordanians and Palestinians have supported the Iraqi insurgency, but the hotel bombings could tip Arab sentiment against al-Zarqawi.

If it doesn’t, they’re nitwits.