Roger L. Simon

More Chalabi Wasabi

Ahmed Chalabi is bad and back in Washington DC, causing consternation among Democratic politicians and media potentates, but garnering rounds of applause at the American Enterprise Institute. For someone who is supposed to be so evil, no one has been able to convict Chalabi of anything, not even that old standby tax evasion. Old Ahmed outfoxed them all. And now he seems to be drawing close to his life long prize (if you can call it that) – the Prime Ministership of Iraq. When asked if he was serious about that ambition, Chalabi replied with the familiar refrain “That’s for me to know and you to find out.” Beats Sherman. In any case, maybe he wouldn’t do such a bad job. He’s apparently been a big success reviving Iraq’s oil industry. And he’s probably better at math than any politician in the last fifty years – if that matters.