Roger L. Simon

Unaccustomed as I am to public speaking...

No, I didn’t use that old joke tonight in my first keynote speaking stint as an exec of a new media company at the conference on Media, Communications & Technology in the Age of the Blogger presented by the good folks at Oxford & York. (Yes, it’s that Oxford.) I wrote my own jokes, such as they were.

I’ll leave it to others to say whether I was good, bad or something in between (the latter’s always a safe bet), but I can say the audience seemed engaged and was filled with questions about Pajamas Media – some of which I could answer, some of which are embargoed until the November 16 launch and some of which are what our Sec’y of Defense refers to as “known unknowns” or “unknown knowns” or something like that.

I was, however, able to reveal something of a scoop – the identity of our keynote speaker. I am going to embargo that here, however, until later tomorrow out of deference to one of our hosts – Michael Malone, the ABC Silicon Insider – who should be posting his first report from the conference shortly. If he doesn’t spill the beans, I will. (Hint: it’s someone very much in the news these days who should have a lot to say about the role of journalists and bloggers in our society. Feel free to guess, but I won’t tell until Michael does.)

I’m on a panel at tomorrow’s session as well – New Media Meets Old Media – along with Jay Rosen of Press Think, Odeo’s founder Evan Williams, Yahoo CTO Jeremy Zawodny and blogger Josh Manchester. I’m not sure who’s supposed to be old media in this group. Yahoo?