Roger L. Simon

A Plague on Both Your Houses

The new poll in USA Today shows the public disgust with both our major political parties, the Republicans slightly in the lead in the opproprobrium derby, my guess in part because they happen to be the ones in power. Both sides (and the media naturally) are to blame, in my estimation, because the level of public discourse is atrocious. Partisan politics has been dominating the scene for the last decades with almost no discusssion of ideas evident. The Bush bashing by the Democrats and the Clinton bashing by the Republicans reached new levels of imbecility. Gotcha politics has ruled our daily lives. No wonder the public is turned off by both parties.

I have a suggestion. It isn’t used as often as it should be, but the internet is a great tool for the rational debate of ideas (it’s also a great tool for partisan horse manure, terrorist communications, etc., unfortunately… but you gotta take the good with the bad). Why don’t we work together to make that happen?