Roger L. Simon

Transparency International

It sounds like a Monty Python routine but it’s a real organization in Berlin and maybe even a good one. At least I hope it is. I like what its CEO David Nussbaum has to say:

“Corruption isn’t a natural disaster: it is the cold, calculated theft of opportunity from the men, women and children who are least able to protect themselves. Leaders must go beyond lip service and make good on their promises to provide the commitment and resources to improve governance, transparency and accountability.”

From his lips to Kofi’s ears. Meanwhile, TI (Transparency International) has announced their annual list of corruption levels for 159 nations. Chad and Bengladesh rank at the bottom. Iceland is the cleanest place (it’s those glaciers). The US at 17 could do better. France and Hong Kong, you may be pleased to learn, are improving.

They also have an amusing/blood-curdling (depending on your outlook) Bribe Payers Index or BPI.