Roger L. Simon

Shrinkwrapped Unmasked

The identity of one of my favorite blogs (often linked on here) Shrinkwrapped has been partially revealed in the New York Sun. According to Kesher Talk, the anonymous shrink/blogger turns out to be the anonymous closeted Mr. X from another heavily discussed New York Sun article of over a year ago.

One of the more interesting developments in… [Stop him before he plugs Pajamas Media again.-ed. Hey, it’s my job.]… okay, in the more “intellectually stimulating” segment of the blogosphere is the emergence of several blogger/psychologists who examine the motivations behind people’s political allegiances with a depth rarely seen or even attempted in the mainstream media. I am thinking not only of Shrinkwrapped, but of Neo-neocon and Dr. Sanity as well.

UPDATE: Shrinkwrapped corrects the record below. And, yes, I love Horsefeathers too. How could I not? (And in case you’re forgotten, the secret word is “swordfish.”)