Roger L. Simon

I used to joke with Brother Michael...

… that some day they would build a statue to him in a free Isfahan. Reading his latest piece on Iran – which, inexplicably, I missed for a day or two – I’m beginning to wonder when that day will come. Writing with his characteristic vigor, Michael certainly paints a bleak picture for now:

The mullahs are altogether capable of deciding that events are now running strongly in their favor, and that they should strike directly at the United States. They look at us, and they see a deeply divided nation, a president who talked a lot about bringing democratic revolution to Iran and then did nothing to support it, a military that is clearly fighting in Iraq alone, and counting the days until we can say “it’s up to the Iraqis now,” and – again based on what they see in our popular press – a country that has no stomach for a prolonged campaign against the remaining terror masters in Iran, Syria, and Saudi Arabia.

Osama bin Laden came to similar conclusions, and ordered the events of 9/11. Why should the Iranians – who have been major supporters of the terror network ever since the 1979 revolution – not do the same?