Roger L. Simon

No, no, how many times do I have to tell you... I don't want to subscribe

A local sport in Los Angeles among some people I know is bragging about how cheaply you subscribed to the LA Times. That paper, hemorrhaging readers, will do practically anything to keep subscribers. I just resubscribed for $1.99 a week, mostly to get the sales operator off the phone. I should have asked her if they had a cheaper deal just for the Food Section, which is the part I read.

Further indication of the precipitous decline of dead tree media is this report on Time Inc.

NEW YORK (Reuters) – The U.S. Attorney’s Office in New York asked for information from Time Inc. on so-called sponsored sales programs, such as courtesy copies of magazines given to doctors’ offices or promotional copies for other uses, a source familiar with the matter said on Thursday.

A spokeswoman for Time Inc., which publishes 155 magazines including Time, Sports Illustrated and People, said the company was subpoenaed for information on its circulation practices but could not specify the scope or the direction of the federal prosecutor’s investigation.

Does this mean I’ll have to take my own reading matter to the dentist? Maybe he’ll get WiFi.

UPDATE: My pal Online Wizard Andrew Breitbart claims he gets the LAT for $52 a year (half what I’m paying, the rat, and somewhere around a tenth of the newstand price). Can anyone top that?