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Sissy Willis - Contributor Profile #2

The second contributor profile is up at the Pajamas Media in Transition site - Sissy Willis. Sissy is one of my favorite bloggers because she is so skilled at moving from the personal and the cultural to the political and back again, something I think often gives a blog it's authenticity. By that I mean something quite simple: If you have a sense of the person, you are a better able evaluate what they say on controversial matters. It's kind of the opposite of the cult of the anonymous journalist. Anyway, we're pleased to have Sissy aboard.

UPDATE: I note over at Sissy's site she's slightly disappointed that her profile was not as quickly noted on this site (and elsewhere) as it should have been. I extend my apologies, but point out I'm in a slightly different time zone from normal (16 hours from home!) and trying to do some final sight-seeing with my family in Kanazawa and Kyoto before returning to Los Angeles. I certainly meant no disrespect to Sissy who, as you can see from the above, I admire immensely.