Roger L. Simon

Rockin' Out in Kanazawa

Because of its history and beauty, Kanazawa was (like Kyoto) one of the places marked off limits for our bombers during World War II. Hence it is a remarkably preserved city with many untouched monuments and parks like the famous Kenrokuen garden.


Thanks to our friends Jiro and Kazue, who lived fifteen years in the city, we ended up spending our first evening here at a taiko drum concert held outside Kanazawa Castle. We arrived early for the set up.


I had never seen taiko live before but had always associated it with male drummers. It seems times have changed. This is the local group warming up.


Here they are performing.


Music was in the air in modern Kanazawa as well. These kids were rocking out in front of the Daiwa department store.


And these girls preparing for a classical concert at the city’s ultramodern railroad station.


Even Koizumi himself looks more like an impresario than a politician.


Of course, he’s not the only one running for office. These characters were haranguing the crowds outside Daiwa not far from the bebopping teens.


I know where my vote is going…