Roger L. Simon

Gaza - Who do you believe?

Here are ledes from two reports about the Gaza evacuation, both posted online one hour ago.

From the New York Times: Thousands of Jewish settlers defied an Israeli government order to leave the Gaza Strip by midnight Sunday, and Israel’s security forces were poised to evacuate the settlers and their supporters in a huge operation that has sharply divided the nation.

From the Financial Times: Religious settlers in Gaza yesterday observed the annual fast of Tisha B’Av that recalls a catalogue of Jewish tragedies over the centuries and to which, no doubt, in future years they will append the trauma of their own expulsion.


As worshippers chanted biblical lamentations at the small cemetery of Neve Dekalim, the “capital” of the Gaza settlements, all but the most messianic appeared resigned to the reality that their government’s withdrawal from Gaza, just hours away, could not now be halted.

From the first defiance, from the second resignation… Can it be both? Well, maybe. But most likely what we are reading is what the reporters wanted to see. Meanwhile, this peculiar report

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