Roger L. Simon

Iran Pushing the Envelope

Is Iran on the brink of an explosion? We’ve heard that for a long time, but they are certainly pushing the envelope these days:

U.S. Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld said Tuesday that weapons recently confiscated in Iraq were “clearly, unambiguously from Iran” and admonished Tehran for allowing the explosives to cross the border.

Iran’s defense minister denied the claims in a report carried by the state-run news agency IRNA.

According to Ali Shamkhani, Iran is playing no role in Iraqi affairs, including “its alleged involvement in bomb explosions.”

The shipment of sophisticated bombs was confiscated in the past two weeks by U.S. and Iraqi troops in southern Iraq, senior U.S. officials said Monday.

Meanwhile, there’s this “reassuring” tidbit:

Iran today broke United Nations seals on advanced uranium enrichment equipment in the Isfahan nuclear facility, as the International Atomic Energy Agency debated a resolution calling on the government in Tehran to halt such work.

`”The seals were broken, and our cameras and surveillance system is fully operational,” IAEA spokesman Mark Gwozdecky in Vienna said in a telephone interview. “`They have indicated that they intend to operate all parts of the facility, in time, although it will take a while to get everything up and running.'”

Am I the only one who finds this more disturbing than the Cold War?