Following the Gitmo Money

The administration is apparently about to send nearly seventy percent of the suspected terrorists in Guantanamo to other countries (Afghanistan, Saudi Arabia, Yemen). TigerHawk points out Human Rights Watch is already crying foul. Since America is involved, something evil must be afoot. (Never mind that the closing of Gitmo is what they have been clammoring for since they first heard about it.)


A kneejerk reaction from the rights group? I have my own response to the NGO and to others of its ilk. Whatever they do these days seems motivated first by economic self-interest. Anti-Americanism is what pays their bills and generates their executive salaries. Is that a kneejerk reaction of my own? Undoubtedly. But it could be tracked. A correlation study between anti-American rhetoric and fundraising at NGOs could be done relatively easily. But don’t expect the NYT or the WaPo to do it. Hmmm… Does anyone here know someone at Pajamas Media? I’ve been reading about them lately.

UPDATE: Here’s another example of NGO fundraising in action. This one may backfire.


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