Roger L. Simon

More Fuddy-Duddyism from theWaPo

Reading this latest silly WaPo attack on Bush for allegedly frittering away his time on the Crawford ranch – Vacationing Bush Poised to Set a Record – I wondered what century these reporters lived in. Haven’t they heard of the “virtual office”? Nobody goes on a real vacation anymore unless they turn off their cellphone, Internet, etc. I am headed for Japan on Aug 17 but will have with me not only a cellphone but also a Japanese Air H card for my laptop (similar to the Verizon card here) which will allow me to connect to the Internet almost anywhere in that country, even, apparently, on the bullet train (intermittently anyway). That way I will be able to blog and stay involved in events at Pajamas Media central here in LA. The major difference is I will be a day ahead of everyone.

As for Bush, if he’s anything like a lot of people I know (including me), he does more work, gets more accomplished, when he’s away from the real home office. There are fewer distractions.