Homicidal Maniac Claims to Be Psychic

No, I have not gotten a job writing headlines for the Enquirer, but that is all I could think of when I read this AP article which reports terror suspect Osman Hussain is insisting the bomb he planted was only meant to scare and not to hurt anyone. Apparently, Mr. Hussain wants us to believe he can see into the future and knew exactly where all pedestrians would be in the Shepherd’s Bush Subway Station when his explosives were set to go off. It will be interesting to find out just how large a bomb he thought would not hurt anybody. Academically, anyway.


MEANWHILE: Of course, we are told by Hussain and his sociopathic cronies that their actions are simply a reaction to the War in Iraq. But Arthur Chrenkoff asks an interesting question:

We are told that London bombings are a result of Tony Blair’s decision to participate in the illegal invasion of Iraq. We are told that the continuing occupation of Iraq, and the carnage and humiliation inflicted upon Iraqi people by the United States, Great Britain and other occupying powers have radicalized some British Muslims to such extent as to push them into becoming suicide bombers on the buses and subways of their adopted country (in some cases their country of birth).

There are 250,000 Iraqis living in Great Britain – that’s quarter of a million people, one of the biggest communities in Iraqi diaspora, and just under one sixth of the total British Muslim population of some 1.6 million.


So why, among the original 7/7 bombers, the next lot of recently captured bombers, and all the other people arrested in connection with the attacks, aren’t there any British Iraqis?

Beats me, Arthur. Maybe all those Iraqis are pacifists.


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