Oil-for-Food ... A Remake of The Big Sleep?

Speaking of Hollywood’s “willful ignorance” (see previous post), it’s amusing to compare the film industry’s recent incomprehensbile claptrap about the UN, The Interpreter, to the ongoing, almost nonstop, OFF revelations about that wildly corrupt organization (not Hollywood, the UN). Here’s the latest from The Telegraph Oil-for-food chief ‘has overseas accounts’:


Investigators in the Iraqi oil-for-food scandal have discovered a network of overseas bank accounts operated by Benon Sevan, the former head of the United Nations programme, who is the subject of a criminal inquiry by New York prosecutors.

Officials from investigative agencies, including the UN’s Volcker inquiry, say that Mr Sevan has accounts in his native Cyprus, Turkey and Switzerland.

Ah… overseas accounts. Wouldn’t we all like some of those! The way things are going who knows where this will end? And what a movie it would make. Too bad Kofi Annan doesn’t look more like Sydney Greenstreet. (ht: Captain Marlow)


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