Listening to the Hollywood Bowl

Although I can’t see it from where I live, I can hear the fireworks show go off at the Hollywood Bowl. It’s only a mile or so away, probably even closer as the crow flies. Tonight there must be quite a display because an intermittent fussilade has been going off for the better part of an hour. Usually it doesn’t bother me. I’ve been living here so long (16 years) I basically tune it out. But tonight it feels nerve-wracking. I listen to the pop-pop-pop and think of London and Sharm el-Sheik. We live in a very small world with carnage everywhere. Who knows when it will be here again?


I know some people blame this all on the War in Iraq. John Howard answered that hopelessly naive wishful thinking the other day. But those who choose to believe it (and it is is a choice of a certain sort) ought to consider this chronology. Islamists were blowing up tourists in Egypt back in 1997, generating 58 corpses in their own historic city of Luxor. They were also trying to blow up the World Trade Center in 1993, as we know. It goes on. Yet the morally myopic like the Mayor of London continue to blame it on the West. Hard to wrap your head around that. Anyway, for now, the fireworks at the Bowl are over.

MORNING UPDATE: Of course many of us turn to our own Big Pharoah in Cairo at a time like this. He had a Instapundit link this morning also driving traffic his way. According to the live tracker of BP’s site, people were coming to read from around the world… but no one from Arab countries. Sad.


United States: 44
[Israel] Israel: 2
[Japan] Japan: 1
[New Zealand] New Zealand: 1
[Singapore] Singapore: 1
Netherlands: 1


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