Busman's Holiday

From Israel21c: An Israeli surgeon – on vacation with his family in London – sprang to action following last week’s terror attacks and helped save victims’ lives.


The Jerusalem Post reported that Dr. Benny Meilik, an emergency surgeon and consultant at the Tel Aviv Medical Center, had arrived in London the day before the attack with his wife and two children. They were looking forward to relaxing and getting away from the pressures of Meilik’s job.

But on the first morning of his trip he found himself dragging victims free from the wreckage of the 8:51 a.m. Piccadilly Line eastbound train and working frantically to save their lives.

The family were staying in the Russell House Hotel, next door to the tube station.
When the bomb went off in the deep underground tunnel, visitors at the hotel felt the tremor and heard the rumbling bang that signalled London’s worst-ever terrorist attack.

Meilik did not waste time, and his speedy response saved lives.

“I have heard enough explosions to know what they sound like, and when I heard the boom I sprung into action,” he told The Post.

I’ll bet he has. (ht: Sheryl)


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