Meanwhile in Iraq...

Michael Yon continues his brilliant reporting (great photo too). He reveals what the MSM is too lazy or politically-retarded to tell – and of course writes it better:


The Associated Press reported that car bombs in Mosul are so prevalent that police have banned trunk lids on taxis. Actually, the trunk-lid idea came from an Army Captain named Paul Carron. He not only thought the whole thing up but also negotiated with the union that represents taxi drivers, and then gave credit for the idea to the cops. I see Captain Carron often when I am in Mosul; soldiers like Paul Carron are making this work. (ht: Rick Ballard)

OT: Low blogging today because I will be off in Orange Country (Artesia) scarfing down Indian food. Perhaps some photos will ensue, but hardly as dramatic as Yon’s.

ARTESIA UPDATE: I hadn’t been in the area for a while and, yes, it seems to have expanded somewhat. Lots of sari shops and places to buy Bollywood DVDs. We had the vegetarian buffet lunch, including dosas, at Woodlands Restaurant in the mall at the corner of Pioneer and Artesia. It was a little disappointing. Too many soggy steam table bean dishes, although the mushroom curry was good. But when you visit an ethnic neighborhood like this, you always think you’re eating at the wrong place anyway. You walk down the street later, see some fabulous “authentic” joint that’s mobbed by locals and say, “Hey, that’s where we should have gone.” It’s a tradition.


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