Roger L. Simon

Another OFF Victory for Rosett - "A Matter of Urgency"

While Democratic Party fuddy-duddies (formerly known as “progressives”) continue to enable massive corruption at the United Nations by blocking the nomination of John “Bad Manners” Bolton, Claudia Rosett (this time working with George Russell) is still investigating the real situation at Turtle Bay.

Yesterday Rosett looked into the affairs and possible nepotism (yes, that again!)of Alexander Yakovlev – “a dapper Russian who is possibly the longest tenured member of the U.N. procurement department.” Last year that department spent more than $1.3 billion. Yakovlev, whose testimony is heavily relied upon by the Volcker Committee report, has been refusing to talk with the press without the permission of Kofi Annan who, you will be shocked to learn, has not given it.

Ironically this blogger once met the Russian personally back in 1987 during the Gorbachev-Reagan Summit in Washington, D. C. when the Soviet delegation was staying at my hotel. (I was there researching a screenplay for Whoopi Goldberg – don’t ask!) I remember Yakovlev very well – he was quite famous at the time as a key adviser to Gorbachev – holding forth in the lobby for a crowd of admirers. He was indeed the suave diplomat. “The Jews,” I recall him opining, “they used to have the best politicians and the worst army. Now they have the best army and the worst politicians.” Everyone nodded sagely.

Thanks to Rosett and Russell, however, things are not going as well for Mr. Yakovlev now. According to an editor’s update to their Fox News report:

In the aftermath of FOX News’ investigation, the U.N. Office of Internal Oversight announced Monday that it is now investigating Yakovlev “as a matter of urgency.”

Bold face theirs and mine.