Roger L. Simon

Bigotry in the Democrat's House

Howard Dean was right to be appalled by some of the activities at Democratic National Headquarters yesterday (leafleters blaming Israel for 9/11, etc.), but were they really surprising given the nature of the kangaroo court in progress? My prediction… if this continues in any way… is that Dean et al will have a lot of damage control to do because liberal Jews–who have been a mainstay of the Democratic Party for nearly a century–will soon be deserting that organization with the speed of refugees fleeing the Cossacks. Barney Frank, who participated in this absurd meeting, in particular should be ashamed of himself for enabling this nonsense. When Eason Jordan slandered the US military, Frank stood up against the calumny. He better do it now, loud and clear – or it’s hard to call him a liberal in any sense of the word.

What’s going on with the “liberal” (what in the world does that mean anymore?) wing of the Democratic Party. First Senator Durbin compares the US military to Nazis. Now this? Did these people have mass lobotomies? Enough!