Roger L. Simon

Pajamas Media Question #3 - What Do We Call Our Portal?

In earlier posts on this site, we asked your views on the policies of Pajamas Media regarding news and opinion and what might be called our “overall approach.” The watch words that kept appearing were “honesty” and “transparency.” Now we would like to take things one step further and ask you to help us name our web portal.

That portal will be the public face of Pajamas where we are hoping everyone (blog readers, writers and the growing on line community) will go on a regular basis, possibly even make their home page. It will contain opinion from the blogs and elsewhere and hard news from bloggers and other sources (with the clear firewall everyone wants between the opinion and news sides). There will also be features focusing on and linking to the expanding number of blogs from outside the political realm (health, education, entertainment, sports, food, fashion, business, etc., etc.) as well as other ideas in the early planning stages. We intend to begin experimenting with the format and content of the portal this summer in order to have it more fully operational in the early fall.

Some people have criticized the name “Pajamas Media” itself as lacking, shall we say, in gravitas. And, although we enjoy the hat tip to an important event in blog and media history, we recognize that it is perhaps not serious enough to be the long term public face of our endeavor. We had been playing with the title Blog News Service, but that too may not be broad enough for what we intend to do: return media to the citizens – in this case the online citizens. Also, as has been frequently pointed out, the word “blog” is not the most mellifluous.

So please help us name our portal. There is no prize for this, at the moment, but, at the very least, the person who comes up with the name will be perpetually acknowledged. [Maybe he or she won’t want it.-ed. Up to them.] In any case, have at it. But be mindful that the name should be easily abbreviated in an acronym like AP or CNN.

Thanks to all.