Roger L. Simon

Playing the Antisemitism Card

The antisemitism card has always been one of the great standbys when you want to stir up a little controversy, but The Huffington Post (which has been little more than an exercise in tedious self-promotion from the get-go) may find itself getting a little more notoriety than it bargained for in posting this piece of nonsense from Paul Findley. The former congressman, not the brightest bulb in the firmament, quotes Condi Rice as having said: “We have an Israel-centric foreign policy.”

Of course, Findley is perhaps not used to making his pronouncements in the Internet age and probably had no idea a bright bulb indeed named Eugene Volokh would come along to do a Google and a LEXIS search to find the context for this quote. I’m sure you will not be astonished to learn Volokh could not find the quote at all.

Now it will be interesting to see how this develops. I would doubt they do much serious editing at The Huffington Post (unless it’s of Arianna’s picture) but this quote, if it proves to be either made up or seriously out of context, would call for a strong and public retraction. We’ll see how interested in the truth they are.

UPDATE: Here’s the Condoleeza Rice that Mr. Findley finds so distressing.