Roger L. Simon

Hell, no, I won't NGO!

I was going to make some comment about Amnesty International’s wretched, self-destructive report, but Wretchard has already said it all in one pithy paragraph worth quoting in its entirety:

I’d have to say that Amnesty International’s Report claiming the US is the world’s worst human rights violator condemns itself far more than it does the United States. Anyone who has lived in the Third World or any of the places which Amnesty International purports to care about knows — and I mean knows for a fact — what police abuse, torture, arbitrary detention, etc. really are and that it cannot be compared in any wise to the “Gulag” in Guantanamo Bay. Moreover, anyone who has lived in such places knows that the last place where victims can find practical help is from Amnesty International.

One more icon of my youth down the drain. [Isn’t this all about their own fund-raising?-ed. Ya think?]