Roger L. Simon

It Depends on What Your Definition of "Voluntary" Is

According to Editor & Publisher:

The New York Times Co. will shed 190 employees, mostly at its flagship newspaper, the company announced Wednesday.

In a statement, the company said the reductions will include “fewer than two dozen” employees in The New York Times newsroom. About two-thirds of the reductions will occur at the Times, with the rest coming from the company’s New England Media Group, which includes The Boston Globe.

Newsroom reductions will come from a “voluntary reduction program,” the company said. The reductions should be implemented by the end of August, Times Co. said.

Is this a harbinger of things to come in the dead-tree world? [You may have some openings at Pajamas Media.-ed. Could be.]

UPDATE: This article, also from Editor & Publisher, may offer some explanation of why these “reductions” are happening.