Roger L. Simon

Pajama Colloquy

My partner Marc is interviewed by John Hawkins about Pajamas Media.

MORE: I just got off the phone with the BBC. I was being interviewed by their new online media show regarding Pajamas Media. This BBC group was surprisingly accepting of the idea. Change is in the air perhaps. While waiting my turn to be interviewed, I listened in as they discussed the situation in Uzbekistan with a blogger from Tashkent. He endorsed Nathan Hamm’s excellent blog on that area, as do I. And, yes, during my segment Newsweek was mentioned.

SPEAKING OF NEWSWEEK: They have made a smart move in retracting their story. According to the NYT, Newsweek didn’t want to happen to them what has happened to CBS:

In the interview, Mr. Whitaker contrasted his action with that of CBS News when it refused to back down immediately last year from a report that raised questions about President Bush’s National Guard service.

“Clearly it became a problem for CBS because people thought they weren’t acknowledging that they screwed up,” Mr. Whitaker said.

True enough.