Roger L. Simon

"She has so many thoughts on her mind."

Although only a one-time attendee of the Cannes Film Festival myself, I too was disappointed to hear that Madonna was unable to be a member of the Cannes Jury this year because her duties would interfere with her twice-weekly Kabbalah meetings in London. As festival chief Thierry Fremaux put it, “to have her on the jury would have been fascinating. She has so many thoughts on her mind.

I’m certain of that. And, yes, it may well be true that, according to This is London, Madonna has been a Kabbalist for nearly eight years and attends weekly meetings at the Kabbalah Centre in London.
There are just 14 or so such places scattered around the world, and none in Cannes or the surrounding region.

In point of fact, Southern France, historically, has been one of the centers of Kabbalah. (From Kolel: Kabbalah has ancient roots, but as a distinct tradition in Judaism it begins in Provence (southern France) and Spain in the 1100s and 1200s.). But I’m sure Madonna knew that. No doubt the error was made by Monsieur Fremaux.