Roger L. Simon

Around the World and Back

Thanks to my friends and Pajamas Media Baghdad correspondents Omar and Mohomammed of Iraq the Model, I have learned of some problems regarding the forthcoming (May 14) March Against Terror in Washington, D.C. (BTW, this march is not restricted to Muslims and were I in or around the nation’s capitol on that date I would march with them.) From the Free Muslims Coalition’s Kamal Nawash:

To date,70 organizations have sponsored the first ever Muslim led March Against Terror. Approximately 20 of the 70 organizations are Muslim, Arab or Middle Eastern. This is the good news. The bad news is that of the leading Muslim organizations four have refused to participate or endorse the rally. The absence of these organizations is ironic. For the past 10 years, these organizations have complained that they are unfairly being accused of not doing enough to fight terror. But when a Muslim organization takes the lead to organize a March Against Terror they argue that it is not necessary and refuse to join.

This is disturbing news, but the good news is that the march is on. In that sense this dissension is much like the reported difficulties with the formation of the government in Baghdad. But then, what democractic government has ever formed without difficulties? (Yes, I know people are being gunned down in the street, but even those horrible and sad events are reminiscent of democratic revolutions in other countries – like France and the USA.)