Roger L. Simon

The Pajama Party Continues

It’s been “non-stop boogie ’til you drop” here at Pajamas Headquarters with over 170 blogs now having signed up for Pajamas Media (not to mention untold milblogs) and literally hundreds more making inquiries, including blogs from Siberia and Shanghai! And they come in all shapes, sizes and subject matter – we even have a speleology blog! [Is is it called “Notes from the Underground”?-ed. Why did I know you’d say that?]

No matter how it is computed, our assembled monthly unique visitors are now well into the millions.

I don’t mean to be a press agent (okay, a blog agent), but don’t, as has been said before, “miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity”! Join our advertising and news aggregation at (where else?) [email protected]

APROPOS: Some things go up while others go down.