Roger L. Simon

Fuddy Duddies of the Right AND Left

I wish the Bush Administration would show a little more modernity and sophistication in their approach to the energy situation. I agree with the New York Times editorial today bemoaning the oh-so-conventional energy bill making its lethargic way through our unimaginative Congress. As the Times points out:

What’s maddening about this is that there is no shortage of ideas about what to do. Step outside the White House and Congress, and one hears a chorus of voices begging for something far more robust and forward-looking than the trivialities of this energy bill. It is a strikingly bipartisan chorus, too, embracing environmentalists, foreign policy hawks and other unlikely allies. Last month, for instance, a group of military and intelligence experts who cut their teeth on the cold war – among them Robert McFarlane, James Woolsey and Frank Gaffney Jr. – implored Mr. Bush as a matter of national security to undertake a crash program to reduce the consumption of oil in the United States.

Well, I can tell you one group that doesn’t want us to — the Mullahs.