Roger L. Simon

Blogosphere Alert Iran

SMCCDI – the Iranian student website through which we have gleaned so much about that benighted country – has, according to their own email, gone off line:

As stated our website has been shut down by the web hosting
service for what has been qualified as “abuse slowing
others’ websites placed on the same shared server”. No
prior notice of any kind was issued before this sudden
shutting down. website has the very same average daily
hits of 45-65 thousands and nothing has changed in that
number for the last 3 years. Astonishing part is that they
were key dates that the daily hits reached even 183
thousands hits but not such thing ever happened. Witnessing
my comments of bringing the issue to legal levels, they’re
proposing to move us to a dedicated server which we can’t
afford as already we’re missing of necessary financial
resources for our work at the committee.

This email is authentic. I just spoke with one of their organizers on the phone. These folks whose information has been so important – if you’re not up-to-speed on them you can read their most recent report here – are in desperate need of money to stay on line. The figure is not large for such an important voice ($1380/year). You can help them by contributing via PayPal. If you don’t already have an account go here. Donations should be sent to the email adress: [email protected] I just did.