Roger L. Simon

More Chalabi Wasabi

(Okay, that’s the last time I’ll use that joke, but I keep hearing Groucho say it and it makes me laugh.)

This must be WSJ day on this blog, because they have another opinion piece worth linking. [You’re paying them back for putting you on their favorites list. That’s indication of bias.-ed Who’re you, Jay Rosen?] Before I was so rudely interrupted again, I was about to link this (subscription, alas) OpinionJournal piece, which finds it “a little puzzling that more than 10 days after the bipartisan Robb-Silberman Commission debunked a major piece of the media’s Iraq war narrative — that Ahmed Chalabi’s Iraqi National Congress played a major role in the bad intelligence on Saddam’s WMDs — almost none of the outlets that sold the story have seen fit to correct the record or explain their reporting.

I think the Journal is being a tad disingenuous there themselves. We all know this is par for the media course these days – or maybe always. Nevertheless, what’s a litttle disingenuousness among friends? And they go on to point out yet another example of unretracted allegations, this time at the end of an interview by Tim Russert (one of the lone examples of major MSM players to bring this up) of Senator Jay Rockefeller:

At which point Senator Rockefeller added the name of Undersecretary of Defense Douglas Feith to his rant, repeating still more phony allegations that have been undercut by both the Robb-Silberman findings and an earlier report by the Senate Intelligence Committee on which Mr. Rockefeller sits. Kudos to Mr. Russert, but whoever is doing Mr. Rockefeller’s staff work is overpaid.

Well, the staff usually writes what the boss wants to hear. (ht: Catherine Johnson)

UPDATE: Some Chalabi Wasabi from Mark Steyn. (ht: Charles Martin)