Roger L. Simon

Full of Bullitzer

The startling revelation that a CBS (yes, them again!) stringer wounded the other day by US troops might actually be a terrorist… excuse me… “insurgent” himself and not an innocent member of the Fourth Estate (as we were led to believe) immediately made me think of the recent awarding of our Pulitzer Prizes. The one for “breaking news photography” went, as you will recall, to the Associated Press team in Iraq. As you will also recall, some of us had doubts about the provenance of the photographs they took, marveling at the sudden arrival of their photographers on the scene and wondering if the AP itself or its employees had ties to the terrorists.

I wonder now how the Pulitzer Committee would feel if it turned out they gave their prize to people who were inside the “insurgency” and effectively functioning as publicists for jihadist killers. I know – that’s not an easy question to answer. But don’t worry. It couldn’t have happened. I’m sure the Pulitzer folks checked it out. This CBS guy was just an aberration. The Pulitzer people are professionals. They don’t make mistakes like that.