Roger L. Simon

When Will the "Tuition Payers' Rebellion" Begin?

What’s amazing about The New York Times’ coverage (or lack thereof) of possible anti-Semitism from professors at Columbia University (discussed here several days ago) is that it is not amazing. Who expects the Gray Lady to be unbiased these days? Even the paper’s current “self-criticism” obfuscates the students’ complaints in a morass of what we can only call “newspeak,” as PowerLine points out. It’s impossible to determine what the problem was, let alone what happened.

But the Gray Lady is not really the issue. Thanks to Jayson Blair, it is no longer the “newspaper of record” and that is good thing. No media outlet should be. We have a fair number of sources for getting at the truth now and they are growing.

Unfortunately, however, the Columbia situation is more serious than intermittent cultural relativism at the NYT or any other publication. The academy is even more monolithic than the media in its views at this moment in our history. My prediction, however, is that this will begin to change soon. Particularly outside the areas of hard science, disillusioned parents will be voting with their checkbooks.

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