Roger L. Simon

Hell, No, He Won't Go!

From the CBC News:

An embattled Kofi Annan said Tuesday he has no intention of resigning as secretary general of the United Nations, despite a critical report about the UN’s oil-for-food program.

Annan was speaking Tuesday, just hours after the release of the report on the Swiss company used to run the oil-for-food program in Iraq.

The report found there’s no evidence Annan used his influence to give the contract to Cotecna Inspection S.A., a company that employed Annan’s son, Kojo.

But the report did not completely clear Annan. It found that his subsequent internal investigation into Cotecna was inadequate to reveal the true nature of the relationship between the company and his son.

As the song goes, “It’s only just begun.”

Seriously, this is a very sad development for the United Nations. Too bad many of its supporters are not smart (or honest) enough to see that.