Roger L. Simon

The Real Fear of Lebanese Fascists

I concluded that Lebanese president Emile Lahoud probably doesn’t sleep very well these days, after I read this Financial Times report that Lahoud has finally acquiesced to a UN independent investigation into the Rafiq Hariri murder that has caused so much unrest.

[So far] the inquiry revealed that Bashar al-Assad, the Syrian president, had threatened Mr Hariri “with physical harm” if he opposed an extension of Mr Lahoud’s term in office a move proposed by Syria and which angered anti-Syrian opposition groups. The inquiry also said the Syrian government bore “primary responsibility” for the political tension that preceded the 14 February killing, although it did not say who was actually responsible for the bombing.

These boys play rough. It’s hard to believe Lahoud isn’t terrified about what will happen if democratic forces prevail. As we used to say in the Nixon era, “Jail to the Chief!” [In the ME, that would be getting off lightly.-ed. No kidding.]