Roger L. Simon

Denying the Denier (at C-SPAN)

According to the Wyman Institute for Holocaust Studies, the number of signatories to their petition to C-SPAN (reported here earlier) continues to grow:

More than 500 prominent historians and other scholars have now signed the petition protesting C-SPAN’s plan to broadcast a lecture by Holocaust-denier David Irving on its program “Book TV.”

The latest signatories include such prominent scholars as New Republic editor-in-chief Dr. Martin Peretz, Harvard Law School Prof. Alan Dershowitz, and Dr. Michael Walzer; Eric Foner, Simon Schama, and Istvan Deak, of Columbia; David Brion Davis, Harold Bloom, and Paul Kennedy of Yale; Charles Maier and Richard Pipes of Harvard; and Robert Dallek of Boston University.

Many more are at the link. It will be interesting to see how C-SPAN responds.