Roger L. Simon

Something's Happening Here...

More good news from the neighborhood formerly-known-as-the-Holy-Land. According to Haaretz:

The Palestinian Authority security forces are foiling just as many terror attacks as Israel, the head of the research division of Israel Defense Forces intelligence, Brigadier General Yossi Kuperwasser, told the Knesset Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee on Tuesday.

Israel handed over security responsibility for the the West Bank town of Tul Karm to the PA on Monday night. At around 8 P.M., armed Palestinian policemen began patrolling the streets of the town, the second in the West Bank to be handed over to the PA.

Last week, the Palestinian Authority assumed security control in Jericho. Talks on the handover of a third West Bank city, presumably Qalqilyah, are expected to begin in the coming days.

Everything could blow up on a moment’s notice, as we know, but I can’t remember such a long run of good news from this part of the world for some time.