Our New Iran Policy...

… is not that new, at least as articulated by National Security Adviser Stephen Hadley this morning:

Iran should not take comfort in the Bush administration’s softened stance against its suspected nuclear program, national security adviser Stephen Hadley said Sunday in his first television interview since taking the job.


The United States agreed last week to drop opposition to Iranian membership in the World Trade Organization and to allow some sales of spare parts for civilian aircraft as part of a European plan that offers economic incentives for the Tehran government to give up any weapons ambitions.

But Hadley insisted the United States is not offering concessions to Iran or engaging the regime that President Bush has described as “the world’s primary state sponsor of terror.”

“What we are doing is removing some objections to something the Europeans are doing,” Hadley said on “Fox News Sunday.” “But I do not think that the Iranian regime can take much comfort in this because as part of this arrangement, the Europeans now for the first time are talking about Iranian support to terror and the need for this Iranian regime to listen to their people and to give them a greater role in the political process.”


Regime Change Iran, as usual, has a roundup, but I suspect what none of us know on this issue is far more important than what is in print or on the air or even (I hate to say it!) on line at the moment. The action for now is behind the scenes… and possibly also in the hands of special ops.


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