Roger L. Simon

Dartmouth Trustee Election - How I Voted

Normally elections for college and university trustees are about as interesting as… pick your cliché… watching grass grow? [You can’t do better than that?–ed. Guess not.] If you’re lucky, you get to pick among a few candidates you never heard of. More often, you don’t even get to choose, just ratify, as you do with board elections for companies you have stock in. As in those cases, most of the time I just throw the ballots away.

But this year, because of the Internet, for the first time in any such election to my knowledge, things are different. Two graduates of my alma mater Darmouth College, Peter Robinson and Todd Zywicki, ran online petition campaigns to get on the ballot and succeeded. I just voted for them. They are both highly qualified men but, to be perfectly frank, I’m not altogether sure what they stand for (although I know more about them than I do about their opponents – about whom I know nothing). I made my votes to support democratization in the system of electing university trustees. Call it a (very small bore) Lebanon thing. That, for the moment, seems more important.