Roger L. Simon


malkin0.jpgSince he evidently didn’t like Adolph Eichmann, even that lamebrained reactionary Ward Churchill should shed a tear today for the passing of Peter Malkin (or Malchin). Known as Zvika, this legendary Israeli spy was the man who captured Eichmann alive. Here is the obit from the London Telegraph and here are some words from Brother Ledeen who, as most know, has more than a passing (that word again!) interest in espionage.

Raoul.jpegBy the way, Zvika was an artist (he masqueraded as one while preparing to abduct Eichmann) and was demonstrably a pretty good one. He worked at his art full time after retiring from the Mossad. The drawing to the left is by him. It is of Raoul Wallenberg, the Swede who saved so many Jews from Hitler.