Roger L. Simon

Mentir est honteux...

… lying is shameful… was one of the most important idioms I remember from high school French class. But evidently it is not as important to France 2, the state run French television channel, that seems oddly reluctant to look into its coverage of the now infamous Mohammed al-Dura case. According to Clifford May’s excellent new article reviewing the case so far, instead of investigating, the French network now threatens to sue all those who defame it.

Well, they can start with me. I think France 2 is a morally reprehensible institution that has promoted a hugely inflammatory lie. Through their reporting as fact that young Mohammed al-Dura was shot by Israeli soldiers when all evidence now points to the cause of this young boy’s death to have been fire from the Palestinians themselves. This dishonest propagandistic approach to the news on the part of France II not only endangered Israeli lives, but obviously Palestinian ones as well by encouraging the self-destructive Intifada II which was so ruinous for their people, economy and culture.

Shall I call my lawyer, France 2? Let me know.