Roger L. Simon

The Bekaa Beckons

In the latest trial balloon, lie or whatever floated by the ophthalmologist and his fascist cohorts, it seems Syria may pull back its troops to the Bekaa Valley.

“No one knows what President Assad will say except the president himself, but we expect President Assad to announce a redeployment to the Bekaa region,” Abdul-Rahim Murad, a member of the pro-Syrian government in Beirut, told AP.

When asked whether the redeployment meant a full withdrawal, Murad answered, “No.”

This is of course no surprise. The Syrian Baathists want to support their Hezbollah pals as best they can. And perhaps more importantly, they don’t want anybody snooping around the Bekaa. Who knows what they might find?

Ironically, Bashar may be the last best hope of the “fuddy-duddy left” who persist on insisting, via cherry-picked quotes, that “Operation Iraqi Freedom” was not fought for, er, “Iraqi Freedom,” but only to find missing WMDs. Well, in the oft-quoted words of Pirandello, “It is so if you think so.”

UPDATE: As an antidote to fuddy-duddies, don’t miss this Gerard Baker piece in the London Timesonline. It references one of my all-time favorite comedies The Life of Brian. (ht: Bruce Wechsler and others. This one’s been linked all over the place – deservedly.)

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