Roger L. Simon

Arrivederci, Bashar!

Bush speaks out on Lebanon:

ARNOLD, Md. – President Bush on Wednesday demanded that Syria get out of Lebanon, saying the free world is in agreement that Damascus’ authority over the political affairs of its neighbor must end now.

He applauded the strong message sent to Syria when Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice and French Foreign Minister Michel Barnier held a joint news conference on London on Tuesday.

“Both of them stood up and said loud and clear to Syria, `You get your troops and your secret services out of Lebanon so that good democracy has a chance to flourish,” Bush said during an appearance at a community college in Maryland to tout his job training programs.

The world, Bush said, “is speaking with one voice when it comes to making sure that democracy has a chance to flourish in Lebanon.”

Does anyone doubt this man means what he says anymore? I don’t think so.

UPDATE: Now some of Syria’s own intelligentsia are telling Assad to withdraw.