Roger L. Simon

Kojo's Mojo

Apparently Kojo Annan’s company Cotecna was in the crossfires again yesterday of the Senate investigation into Oil-for-Food, according to this Torygraph report:

UN inspectors in Iraq spent their working hours drinking vodka while ignoring a shadowy nocturnal fleet believed to be smuggling goods for Saddam Hussein, a former senior inspector told the US Senate yesterday.

In a move that provoked fury from officials of the Swiss firm Cotecna, an Australian former inspector detailed a picture of incompetence, indifference and drunkeness among the men acting as the frontline for UN sanctions.

This is obviously the tip of one of the larger icebergs extant whose ramifications have yet to be seen. Kojo Annan’s earlier denials of knowledge and responsibility for Cotecna/Iraq ties are apparently under question. From its own discrete sources this blog may be reporting soon with original material. Of course I will try to vet this material closely before posting. Stay tuned.