Roger L. Simon

To Almost Die in Madrid

A car bomb went off in Madrid today, injuring many (I have seen estimates from 10 to 31). According to the BBC, “Reports say a caller claiming to be from the Basque militants, Eta, told a newspaper the group was planning to explode a device in the city.” The BBC was also quick to remind us this strikes a blow to the city’s aspirations for the 2012 Olympics.

Of course, there will be those who will point to the almost immediate seeming capitulation to terrorism after last year’s horrifying actions at Atocha Station in the same city as being in part responsible for this. I am not so sure. People willing to murder innocents for their ends are unfortunately all around us, probably in every big city. Still, it is worth remembering that in the aftermath of the railroad disaster the Basques were the first to be blamed too. And it is also worth noting the rumors that they have been allied with Al Qaeda.

I will be following events on Barcepundit, of course, who reports that there was a second possible event, now described as a false alarm. Naturally, Madrilenos would be jittery.

UPDATE: For Austin Bay, this is a family matter.